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Alpha Padwork has been over ten years in the making and after thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of repetitions I’m ready to share this with the world and be the coach who can really make the difference between Average and Alpha!.

To the official home of Alpha Padwork. My name is Darren Richardson a multi time British, European and World Kickboxing Champion for the WKA (World Kickboxing Association). I’m also a certified fitness professional currently based in London, England and I proudly present to you Alpha Padwork.

Alpha Padwork is a form of physical and indeed psychological training derived through the utilization of focus pads in what I like to call “Dynamic Simulation” to transform the approach to fitness, boxing and martial arts training from absolute beginner just starting out their journey in health and fitness through to World Class athlete destined for World and Olympic honors.

The intention here is to bridge the gap between striking a stationary punch bag and engaging in a live fighting experience to really bring your boxing training to life! Focus is on explosive, accurate, and aggressive striking making sure we are safe, efficient and effective in the delivery of shots. The Alpha program is also an advocate of sound defensive principles with close attention paid to Head movement, Blocks and Footwork. In essence we take typical boxing fitness drills and evolve them from 2D to 3D by applying “Layering theory” to produce the Dynamic Simulation.

It must be said that it’s hard work physically and mentally for both trainers and strikers but it’s an unbelievably fun and rewarding way to train not just your body but in developing a unique set of skills and building your overall character along the way. Alpha Padwork, to me has become a life skill, a personal development and stress management tool as such which over the years has been something that I turn to for consistency no matter what life may present you. The APW program is a grounded, versatile and systematic approach to fitness and boxing mitt work that not only allows you but encourages you to contribute your own ideas and creativity absent of rigid structure.

No, this isn’t a NEED type of thing it’s the type of training product you engage in when you WANT your training, fitness, coaching, boxing or martial arts to easily change for the better at a rate faster to most programs until now.

If you want to stop wasting time, energy and money to take the guesswork out of your fitness training and instead capitalize on creating a clear, concise and focused strategy to deliver a tangible result then Alpha Padwork has been designed with you in mind.