The Alpha Padwork Journey

Alpha Padwork is a form of utilizing focus pads in what I like to call a “Dynamic Simulation” The intention is to bridge the gap between striking a stationary punch bag and engaging in a live fighting experience to really bring your boxing training to life!

Focus is on explosive, accurate, and aggressive striking making sure we are safe, efficient and effective in our defensive principles with a keen eye on Head movement, Blocks and Footwork. In essence we take typical boxing fitness drills and evolve them from 2D to 3D by applying “Layering theory” to produce the Dynamic Simulation.

It must be said that it’s hard work physically and mentally for both trainer and striker but it’s an unbelievably fun and rewarding way to train not just your body but in developing your overall character along the way. Alpha Padwork is a life skill and is a grounded, versatile and systematic approach to boxing mitt work that easily allows you to contribute your own creativity absent of rigid structure.