I am a multiple British, European & World Kickboxing Champion of the WKA (World Kickboxing Association). I’m also a certified fitness professional based in London, England.


This is my story

My name is Darren Richardson; and I’m not your average coach. As mentioned I am a multiple British, European & World Kickboxing Champion of the WKA (World Kickboxing Association). I’m also a certified fitness professional based in London, England.

I started my journey in fighting at five years old in 1988 and have Black Belts in several disciplines on my way to accumulating a competitive record of 135 Wins and 13 Losses. I became obsessed with boxing and martial arts both as a fan of combative sports and a fighter and in particular the athletics required for success in the combat disciplines.

I travelled the United Kingdom, Europe and the World training and competing in martial arts, predominantly Kickboxing taking on all comers in open tournaments and fight nights competing across multiple weight classes from 75kg to Open weight divisions. In truth I wasn’t sensational at any singular aspect of fighting but I understood the theory of movement, the requirement to adapt and to be the most well rounded striker I could be so as to never run out of ideas or options on the mat or in the ring. I abandoned all restrictions of the southpaw and orthodox stance and being punch or kick biased, I would let it all flow together. I used multi directional footwork to create unorthodox angles to deliver offence and defense, which meant I took very little damage. Combine this with Knockout power in each limb genetically inherited and amplified through the countless repetition of technique and that was enough to convert a young boy with chronic asthma who grew up on a council estate into a man who will forever carry the title – World Champion!

In 2007 I took this passion for boxing, martial arts and athletics in general and became a certified personal trainer at a leading London health club it was here my experience began to evolve further and I developed my own Personal Training Systems based on five principles:

• Strength and Conditioning
• Boxing and Martial Arts
• Physical Therapy
• Nutrition
• Personal Development

It wasn’t long before I accumulated a high level of success with my ever expanding clientele and what separated me from other coaches and fitness professionals was my ability to hold and maneuver focus pads. My clients loved the Alpha Padwork system. From builders, bankers, accountants and salesman I was training men who wanted to FEEL like the fighters they’ve grown up watching but in an environment where the variables were controlled and there was zero percent risk of injury. Then I unveiled the program to WOMEN! To my surprise it was Alpha Padwork’s uptake by the ladies that has been both surprising and so unbelievably encouraging. I have coached many females to embrace the Alpha program and they are throwing punches, kicks, elbows and knees safely into focus pads as part of their body transformation and fitness regime. I’ve been running both individual and group sessions for the last 8-10 years training and empowering literally HUNDREDS of ladies in boxing and martial arts with the unique Alpha Padwork style and this is only in a single small town in West London. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when Alpha Padwork goes national and then global?

I look forward to reaching, influencing and transforming the lives of many more people from all walks of life through this incredible fitness portal and I’m so grateful for everybody who has contributed to this point.

Alpha Padwork has been over ten years in the making and after thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of repetitions I’m ready to share this with the world and be the coach who can really make the difference between Average and Alpha!

Darren Richardson
Alpha Padwork Head Coach




This is the most important phase of the Alpha Padwork educational course and I highly recommend you start here.



Creating combinations to exploit multiple targets. “Sandwiches” Speed, Rhythm and timing drills based on Type 2a muscle fibres.



An insight into the Central Nervous System and the critical role this
plays in Alpha Padwork. Advanced layering, the end product.